Very scarce « Gardes du Corps du Roi » first Restauration saber

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Very scarce « Gardes du Corps du Roi » first Restauration saber

First model « Gardes du Corps du Roi » saber (1814).

Golded brass mounting (close to 100 % of original gold plate).

Long pommel engraved with lines. Round main branch (stamped « B » on the upper part). Three secundary branches supporting the French monarchy design on flags and oak and laurel leaves.

Wired grey shark skin grip (still some gold on the deeper parts of the wire). Lys flower quillon stamped « B » in the middle.

Very exceptionnal Solingen blade (91,5 cm) engraved on rear « I.S et C à Solingen » (Johan Schimelbush and Co in Solingen). Both sides of the blade are presenting various engravings : a weapon trophy and the words « Gardes du corps du roi » between lys flowers on one side, a crowned shield with lys flowers and laurels and a shining sun on the other one. All the engravings are golded on a fine blue background (Blue and gold a little erased on one side).

Leather scabbard with three brass pièces. The top and the long lower one, are both stamped « B » under a star and « 7 » on rear.

Steel tip piece also stamped « B ».

This saber is very scarce because of several points : The general conditions are really close to mint ones. The blade was  made in Solingen (they are usually made in the French Klingenthal manufacture). All the engravings are very unusually golded on a blue background.

This saber will be precisely depicted in a large and precise article in the French collectors revue « Gazette des Armes » in the nexts months (This article will be done by a French monarchy weapons specialist).

Price : 4 200 Euros.