Napoleon III’s 100 guards saber

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Napoleon III’s 100 guards saber

French Second Empire 100 guards saber, pattern 1854.

Short pommel, engraved with laurels. Wired brown horn grip.

All ciseled brass mounting, with one main branch and three secundary ones, supporting a central design : A large shinning star with in the middle, the very well ciseled  Second Empire great arms.

Straight blade (100 cm) with a single fuller, engraved on back : « Mre Imp=le De Chât =t Avril 1854 » (blade without any rust or mark and even under old solid grease).

Good scabbard, but in light fabrication, engraved on rear : Mx MANCEAUX PARIS (for Jules Manceaux in Paris, the official maker for Her Majesty Napoleon III and the main part of Imperial Guard – scabbard without any rust or defect)

Price : 4 800 Euros.