Hunting dagger, XVIIIth century

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Hunting dagger, XVIIIth century

Hunting dagger, middle of the XVIIIth century, probably French made.

Silvered brass mounting (45% of the original silver plate is still present).

Big ebony grip, carved with vertical lines. Three oval nails on each side.

« S » quillons guard, engraved in specific « rocaille » style.

Very heavy two fullers blade, in grey patina (4,3 cm on rear and 55,5 cm lenght) with a central engraved flat part (this blade is the rear part of a French cavalry heavy sword from the end of XVIIth century).

Good brown leather on wood scabbard, with three silvered brass elements, ornate with lines (the upper button is missing).

Price : 900 Euros.