French light cavalry officer saber

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French light cavalry officer saber

French light cavalry officer saber, circa First Empire.

Golded brass mounting (30 % of the original gold plate is still present).

Long pommel, three branches guard and « ball » quillon. Two almonds « oreillons » engraved with lines.

Leather on wood grip with alternate single and twisted wires (some are missing).

Curved blade (86,5 cm) with round back, engraved on the first part with classical flowers and weapons trophys. 90% of the original blue and gold are still present, only erased a little, near the upper part on both sides. The tip of the blade is in « Bowie knife » design. (Blade with battle sharpening and still overall protected in old grease).

Flat back light steel scabbard with an intern wood scabbard. Two flat rings supports engraved with lines (scabbard in black patina without any huge oxydation or smash).

Price : 1 800 Euros.