French « Gardes du Corps du Roy » sword, Louis XVI regn

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French « Gardes du Corps du Roy » sword, Louis XVI regn

French « Gardes du Corps du Roi » (the king’s bodyguards) sword, last quarter of XVIIIth century.

Silvered brass mounting (30 % of original silver plate are still present).

Egg-shaped pommel with upper long rivet piece. Round guard and « ball » quillon.

All silver wired grip with two silver rings on tops, ornate with engraved lines. Large symmetrical plate (The pommel is still well adjusted but both plate and guard are moving a little).

The whole mounting is deeply engraved with ondulating lines. This very particular design was dedicated to « Gardes du Corps du Roy ».

Triangular Solingen blade (85,7 cm) in grey patina, with a deep fuller on the internal side. It is engraved on rear (7 cm)and on both sides, with weapons trophys and flowers.

(Except the blade, this sword is exactly the same as the one depicted in the French edge weapons « bible » (Ariès books 1966/n°2)).

With the French monarchy falling and then during the Revolution period, the most part of the Guard members were slaughtered (This scarce sword was originally found in Versailles area).

Without scabbard.

Price : 800 Euros.