French « état-major » high rank officer sword

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French « état-major » high rank officer sword

Very nice French high rank « etat-major » officer sword, circa First Empire.

All ciseled and golded brass mounting (70 % of original gold plate are still present).

Pommel engraved with leaves, laurels and on lower parts of both sides, the specific etat-major design : « cigars and lightnings ».

Curved guard engraved with laurels and on both sides, an eagle head in the central part.

« Lions heads » plate (a little crack on reverse), deeply engraved with laurels and various military designs. In the middle, a laurels crown around a silver Napoleon profile. The original Imperial design of this sword was removed in 1814, with the king Louis XVIII return. But when Napoleon was back, during the « 100 jours » period, the original owner of this sword, choosen to « re-initialized » it, with a riveted Imperial silver coin.

This particular mounting seems to have been very popular during this short period, according to various items of the same period (samples of Imperial guard Infantry officers sabers, for example, can be seen in various publications). In fact, this system appears to have been the fastest and cheaper one.

Triangular blade (77,5 cm) in grey patina, with classical flowers designs, engraved on rear : « Goze Md fourbisseur à Metz ».

Black leather on wood scabbard with two ciseled brass elelments.

Price : 950 Euros.