First Empire French officer « à l’orientale » saber

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First Empire French officer « à l’orientale » saber

Very nice French officer saber in « Kilidj » style, circa First Empire.

Long blond horn grip (a thin crack on internal side) with two brass eyelets on upper parts, engraved with pearls rings.

Two oval brass pièces in the middle on both sides.

Large oriental style guard, finely engraved with flowers in the middle.

Heavy flat blade (79 cm) on « Kilidj » type, in very high quality fine damascus. This blade was made circa 1730-1750, because of its two Kofgari signatures. One of them is still present, but the other one, originaly placed on the upper part, is now almost masked with the typically European making system (some losses on Kofgari).

Black leather on wood scabbard (the leather is dry a little, near the metallic parts). Four golded brass elements, finely engraved with flowers and palms designs on both sides.

This saber, in the construction, design and ornaments, is very similar to those made by the famous Parisian maker, Pirmet, during the First Empire period.