Child sword, end of XVIIIth century

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Child sword, end of XVIIIth century

Very nice child sword, end of XVIIIth century.

All ciseled and golded brass mounting. The entire surfaces are seted with white or coloured glass pearls (some losses on little ones).

Round pommel with on both sides, two large green pearls. The grip middle is also ornated with two red pearls.

Triangular blade with blue and gold on half part (it was originaly an adult blade, shortened and then re-issued for this child weapon, 80 % of original blue and gold are still present).

Canvas on wood scabbard (some wear), with three golded brass elements. There was originaly the same pearls plate as on the middle element, on the upper one. It is now missing with only two holes.

The two upper parts, with chains and a decorative belt hook.

Price : 700 Euros.