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In the middle of the eighteenth century, the sword has reached its ultimate evolution stage. In battle, it gives less satisfaction with opponents who have adopted the sword. The sword weakens, thins, staying only own fencing thrusting, becoming more decorative, it is of luxurious materials.
Beyond the tool it is supposed to remain, it approaches the work of art, an expression of the virtuosity of the craftsman who fashioned. If at the end of the eighteenth century, the sword must be still somewhat functional, it mainly reflects the social status of its owner, civil or military .

Antique saber

Came in the course of the eighteenth century the confines of Europe, while in contact with the Turks, the saber will supplant the sword. His single-edged blade provides greater rigidity authorizing size fencing as well as thrusting. It will quickly establish itself and become the main weapon of the white horse and a good extra weapon for the infantry.
At the same time that its use is spreading, we are witnessing the emergence of a large number of models for equally varied jobs. In the early nineteenth century, the saber was unanimously adopted for combat. The sword is definitely relegated to a merely symbolic role.

Firearm and antiquity

Firearm : in Europe and outside, the XVI and the XVIIth centuries are marked by firearms expansion. Military and political strategies reacts fast. So fast that at the beginning of XVIII century, in the army, the first role is reserved to firearms. Swords an sabers became second chance weapons.

Military antiques is a very large domain : pictures, engravings, complete equipment or separate pieces, uniforms or brass ornaments, all those things are charged of military history.



Child sword, end of XVIIIth century

Very nice child sword, end of XVIIIth century. All ciseled and golded brass mounting....

French cuirassier or dragoon belt

French cuirassier or dragoon trooper belt, First Empire. Made in white...

French pattern 1855 « Infanterie de Marine » officer saber.

French « Infanterie de Marine » officer saber, circa IIIrd...

French light cavalry officer saber pattern 1822

French light cavalry officer saber pattern 1822, modified 1882 (one single ring on...

French « état-major » high rank officer sword

Very nice French high rank « etat-major » officer sword, circa...

French Gendarmerie NCO sword

French Gendarmerie NCO sword, pattern 1853, modified 1872. All brass mounting, oval...

French civilian services sword

French civilian services sword, circa IIIrd republic. All ciseled brass mounting....

Austrian officer saber, pattern 1837

Austrian officer saber, pattern 1837, modified circa 1890 : with a single scabbard ring....

Indian Pesh-kabz, mid XVIIIth century.

Great Pesh-Kabz, Moghul India, circa mid of XVIIIth Century. Big dark green jade grip...

Persian dagger, mid XIXth century

Persian dagger, mid XIXth century. Big bone grip (13,5cm), deeply engraved with royal...